Products and Services

The company has a wide range of products and trade of knitted fabrics. The following are the areas and solutions that we can provide you with products and services.

– Industrial production of custom knitted fabrics in circular knitting machines with all kinds of yarns (cotton, wool, artificial, synthetic, etc.)

– Trade of fabrics of our own production either in row white undyed form or dyed with dyes and raw materials certified with oeco-tex

– The fabrics we produce can be used for: underwear, casual men’s and women’s, ornate jacquards, pajamas, babies, etc.

– There is also the possibility of providing commissioning of knitting machines

– With our long experience and specialized staff we can analyze and produce any fabric you bring us, as long as it comes to the capabilities of our knitting machines

– In the field of trade we provide you with five types of laminated fabrics (pu & pvc), laminated sheets in various sizes, towel fabric for towels – bathrobes in different colors. Generally we can discuss and search for any of your demand in fabrics that we do not produce.

– Finally, pioneering in the field of knitting, we have been the first in Greece to bring three unique machines where they produce fabrics such as sweatshirts with jacquard pattern, jacquard with different pattern on each side of the fabric and rib with one side fine fabric and the other thick fabric.

– We will be happy to contact us and discuss your needs, take the time and browse our site where our equipment and our products are mentioned.