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The company has a wide range of products and trade of knitted fabrics. The following are the areas and solutions that we can provide you with products and services. – Industrial production of custom knitted fabrics in circular knitting machines with all kinds of yarns (cotton, wool, artificial, synthetic, etc.) – Trade of fabrics of…

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Organic Cotton

Eco – friendly fabrics Organic Cotton: Unlike conventional cotton, which is more harmful to the environment, organic matter does not need to be made from fibers derived from genetically modified seeds, the use of pesticides or chemical impurities, and the waste of water. It is of plant origin and in its texture it is cool, durable, absorbent, does not cause odors and allergic reactions. Ecological fashion is constantly gaining ground. There is now a wide variety of eco fabrics and eco materials in general, with a huge variety of colors and textures. Our company has been following with great interest the consumer turn in recent years towards green eco products, mainly in clothing. Organic cotton fabrics with little to no fertilizers, pesticides and pesticides, are produced by our company and form the basis for anti-allergenic, pleasing to the touch clothes. European Knitting company concerns about the fashion industry that are not aimed at enhancing eco-consciousness. Due to the rapid development of technology that contributes even more to rapid profit. All of the above fabrics are accompanied by similar certificates as our company is certified for the manufacture of organic fabrics but also the companies producing the raw materials as well as the fabric processing (dyeing – finishing) are also certified.


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