The story begins in 1982, when founder Katsiavos Alexandros worked as a textile engineer – a conservator at one of the largest factories of the time, deciding to start his first textile business.
In the decades that followed, the company grew and evolved, always holding a high position in Greek textile production.

The textile passion, passed on to both of his children. With our father’s gift of equipment and knowledge and a shared vision of creating and producing innovative products, we continue the business.

Today, the European Knitting Company has grown due to the company’s insistence on quality, modern design and innovation. European Knitting Company is a commercial textile hub and continues its successful course despite adverse conditions in the textile industry and in Greece in general.

The company specializing in the manufacture and marketing of knitted fabrics, the collections of fabrics and the manufacture of special fabrics, for infants, children, women and men, are just some of our activities.

The company has 51 state-of-the-art electric motors of all types (circular, single plate, double plate, mini jacquard, electronic full jacquard).

Our many years of experience combined with our complete and up-to-date equipment and the high quality yarns we use, are a guarantee for the production of high quality knitwear and durability.
The company is in a privately owned space in the industrial area of ​​Nea Santa – Kilkis. In a modern and functional building, the production sector, yarn depots, textile warehouses and business management offices coexist with each other, constantly investing in the further development of know-how and the use of high-tech machinery and highly trained staff, the European Knitworks are light.

European Knitting Company designs and produces high quality fabrics, and has in a wide clientele in Greece and abroad.

The production of fabrics is continuous and some types are ‘shelf ready’.

Every fabric goes through quality control before it reaches our customer.

We believe in the combination of quality and competitive price.

We can guarantee top quality products as we have a certificate in design, production and distribution of fabrics (SWISS APPROVAL ISO 9001: 2015),
Certification in Organic Yarn Use and Organic Textile Production (ECOCERT GREENLIFE GOTS)
And of course certification as a genuine Greek company (SWISS APPROVAL EPIELL 901: 2012 and ‘PERSISTENT GREEK’).