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code of ethics europe KNITTINS SA


The company responding to the requirements of the modern business reality and aiming at the design, production and distribution of the products and the improvement of its organizational structure and its internal communication, always aiming at the fastest and best service to its Customers, decided to install an Integrated Management System Product Quality in accordance with the requirements of the EN ISO 9001: 2015 International Standards. The Company’s Integrated Quality Management System was designed in accordance with the needs and aspirations of the Company and in accordance with Legal and Regulatory requirements.

Satisfying and ensuring the trust of customers, through the fulfillment of defined quality specifications and consistency in deliveries are the basic principles of EUROPAIKA PLEKTIRIA SA . The general objective is to offer the company’s customers products of constant quality. More specifically, the company seeks to:

  • the systematic reduction of the allocated non-compliant rate,
  • the continuous expansion of the company’s market share at home and abroad, meeting the needs, always ensuring the high quality of the products provided and
  • the continuous upgrading of the company’s potential, through training programs, but also through the recruitment of qualified new employees.
  • Continuous improvement of the Integrated Quality Management System and the operation of the Company with the effective use of the following tools:
    • Defining and reviewing quality objectives.
    • Management Review
    • Internal Inspections
    • Corrective and Preventive Actions
    • Systematic analysis of data resulting from the Quality Files.

For the fastest and most efficient achievement of the above goals, the Management of EUROPE KNITTING SA:

  • It commits to and applies the principles of the Quality Policy and the Integrated Quality Management System that it defines.
  • It undertakes to comply with the applicable Greek and Community legislation.
  • It informs its human resources and motivates them to commit to the same principles.
  • It is committed to providing the infrastructure and equipment deemed necessary for the implementation of its operations and to the proper implementation of the Integrated Quality Management System

In addition, the philosophy and values of EUROPAIKA PLEKTIRIA SA include the avoidance of burdening the environment, the judicious use of natural resources and the application of hygiene and safety rules. In order to achieve the above objectives, all the necessary reports have been made in the documentation of the integrated Quality Management System. Through systematic planning, process control and continuous improvement of all activities, the principles of the company are fulfilled. The Administration is committed to providing the infrastructure and equipment deemed necessary for the implementation of its tasks. Each employee is responsible for the quality of their own work and is required to contribute to the management of quality, product safety and the achievement of defined objectives. For this reason, all employees, depending on their responsibilities, are informed about the Product Safety and Quality Management System and act demonstrably in accordance with the established rules. Processes, flows and actions that do not guarantee the fulfillment of the objectives set, are stopped immediately by those responsible, cause analyzes are carried out and the required improvement measures are defined.


EUROPE KNITTING SA is a company with headquarters in Nea Santa Kilkis and its service object is the production of fabrics.

All of us together in EUROPAIKA PLEKTIRIA SA, Management and executives, staff of our company, are convinced that the Policy of Quality, Work Safety, Safety of our staff and our customers’ products, expresses our culture and is our daily and primary concern .

It is our commitment to fully comply with the relevant legislative requirements for the implementation of our services, the continuous establishment of measurable goals regarding their achievement, the awareness of our staff and partners in this direction, as well as the continuous effort to improve ourselves and promote the level of Quality, Work Safety, Safety of our staff and our customers’ products. This is achieved through processes that we apply in sequence and with international standards such as ISO 9001.

All our services are implemented with a primary focus on the protection of the Environment, which is achieved by the energy-friendly operation of the company with a rational use of the natural resources required, but also the prevention of environmental burden from the execution of the works performed.

In this context, the company provides its Executives and Partners with the necessary means and resources:

  • Providing all the necessary resources and means to achieve the constantly set increased goals of Employee and Product Safety, Environmental Compliance and harmonization with its social environment.
  • It maintains modern IT and electronic technology tools, and the necessary procedures in order to protect personal and corporate data of staff, partners, customers and their transactions.
  • Absolute compliance with the current Greek and European legislation that governs the transport and distribution service of our customers’ products.
  • Implementation of our operations with primary care in the execution of our services safely to each of their sensitive recipients (Personnel, Environment, Facilities and Transport Units of Products).
  • Complete facility control by electronic means to ensure the safety of workers, products, vehicles and facilities.
  • Daily communication and information to each interested party so that they are aware of our principles and the results of our efforts to improve our environmental and quality and safety performance. Regarding our environmental performance, we mention our continuous effort to recycle all waste materials and by-products, as well as the production of electricity through our photovoltaic system.
  • Continuous control of our partners to ensure the adoption of the principles and their operation in accordance with the requirements that have been set.
  • Continuous training and awareness of our employees and our partners, in order to encourage their active participation in the efforts we make to protect the environment, safety at work and transported goods, for the continuous improvement of our services.
  • Each employee is responsible for the quality of his own work and is required to contribute to the management of quality, personnel and product safety, environmental behavior, in order to achieve the defined goals. For this reason, all employees, depending on their responsibilities, are informed about the results of measuring the achievement of the objectives and act demonstrably in accordance with the established rules.
  • Taking organizational measures to prevent Environmental pollution, occupational accidents and burden on personnel, sabotage or damage to the transported Products of our customers, in order to minimize or even eliminate any risks and their effects.
  • Processes, flows and actions that do not guarantee the fulfillment of the objectives set, are stopped immediately by those responsible, cause analyzes are carried out and the required improvement measures are defined.

For EUROPE KNITTING SA the following are commitments:

  • the observance of the existing Greek and European legislation regarding the services and products available.
  • compliance with the legislative requirements for environmental protection and occupational health and safety.
  • the continuous improvement of the Unified management system and the avoidance of any pollution of the environment.
  • Avoiding accidents and occupational diseases.
  • the provision of all the necessary resources for the smooth operation of the Unified System.
  • striving for continuous improvement in all aspects of its operation.
  • The provision of a safe environment for all employees, customers and all collaborators on its premises.
  • This policy is reviewed annually at each review of our company’s work and operations and revised as necessary.



  1. EUROPE KNITTING SA implements a zero-tolerance policy against corruption,
    1. It is not allowed to accept gifts from any employee of the company, from suppliers, customers or in general from another third party,
    1. It is also not allowed to offer gifts of any kind, from company staff, to suppliers, customers or in general from any other third party.
    1. Obligation to prevent and report incidents of illegal activities: Any information that comes to the knowledge of the employees and partners of the company EUROPAIKA PLEKTIRIA SA and which is related to criminal behavior, which is directly or indirectly connected with the business activities of the company makes the above natural or legal persons liable to report the incidents in question to the company.
    1. Protection of whistleblowers . Providing employees and partners of the company with a completely confidential mechanism for reporting complaints related to illegal activities of corruption or harassment in the workplace is a commitment of the company.
    1. Obligation of data validity: It is also a commitment and obligation of the company’s partners to provide the appropriate guarantees so that all the information they contribute to it is absolutely accurate, true and valid and that there is no risk of defrauding the company under any circumstances, otherwise the EUROPAIKA company PLEKTIRIA SA reserves the right to appeal to them to claim any damages.
    1. Immigration compliance: The right to employment and employment is only available to natural persons who are entitled to it based on the requirements of the labor legislation, while in particular foreign natural persons must prove that they have the required residence and work permit in the host country.


  1. EUROPE KNITTING SA implements a zero-tolerance policy against child labor,
    2. Child labor cannot be accepted by customers or suppliers of the company, 3. The company’s management and the human resources department ensure that no child labor is used in its business, 4. The Procurement department and the other departments of the company ensure that no child labor is used by its suppliers and partners.


  1. EUROPE KNITTING SA implements a zero-tolerance policy against the use of alcohol and drugs by its staff,
    2. The use of alcohol and drugs by its staff is prohibited on the company’s premises and during its operations, 3. The use of alcohol and drugs is a very important reason for the termination of the company’s cooperation with its staff and in which the violation of this principle will be established, 4. The use of alcohol and drugs by the company’s suppliers and partners is prohibited, in the company’s facilities and during their stay and work, 5. The use of alcohol and drugs is a very important reason for the termination of the company’s cooperation with its partners and suppliers and in which the violation of this principle will be found within its establishment or during the execution of work on behalf of the company,


1. EUROPE KNITTING SA implements a zero-tolerance policy against discrimination in the workplace,
2. Both employees and the company’s Management implement a clear policy and actively work against discrimination based on gender, race, religion, skin color or other discrimination in burden of human rights,


  1. EUROPE KNITTING SA implements a zero-tolerance policy against harassment or abuse in the workplace,
  2. Both the employees and the Management of the company implement a clear policy and work actively against harassment or abuse against its employees.


Human rights are moral principles that set specific standards of human behavior and are usually protected as legal rights under national and international law.
They are regarded as “commonly understood inalienable fundamental rights to which every person is entitled from the moment of birth, simply because he is a human being”.

“If peacetime public discourse in the world community has a common moral language, it is that of human rights.”

These include civil and political rights such as the right to life and liberty, freedom of thought and expression, and equality before the law. Human rights also include economic, social and cultural rights, such as the right to work, the right to health, the right to food, the right to housing, medical care, education and the right to participate in culture.

“Human rights, therefore, are considered international (applied and valid everywhere) and protect equality (they apply the same to everyone)” .


Respect for human rights is fundamental for the sustainability of EUROPAIKA PLEKTIRIA SA. and the communities in which we operate. At our company we are committed to ensuring that our people are treated with dignity and respect.
The Human Rights Policy of EUROPE KNITTING SA is governed by the international principles of human rights contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Declaration of the International Labor Organization on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the UN Global Compact, and the Guidelines United Nations principles at work.


EUROPE KNITTING SA respects human rights. We are committed to identifying and preventing any impact of actions contrary to human rights in our business activities through human rights due diligence and proactive compliance processes.


Rights to sexual orientation and gender identity relate to the expression of sexual orientation and gender identity based on the right to respect for private life and the right not to be discriminated against because of “other status” as defined in various human rights conventions , such as article 17 and 26 of the United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and article 8 and 14 of the European Convention on Human Rights.


We recognize our impact on the communities in which we operate. We are committed to working with partners in these societies to ensure that we listen to and consider their views and learn from them as we conduct our business. Where appropriate, we are committed to engaging in dialogue with partners on human rights issues relevant to our business. We believe that local issues are best dealt with at the local level. We are also committed to creating economic opportunity and promoting a climate of goodwill in the communities in which we operate.


We respect and value the diversity of our people and their contributions. We have a long-standing commitment to providing equal opportunities and do not accept discrimination and harassment.
We strive to maintain workplaces free of discrimination and harassment based on race, sex, color, national or social origin, religion, age, disability, sexual preference, political opinion or any other status protected by applicable law. The bases for the process of searching for and hiring staff, placement, training, remuneration and promotion in the Company are professional qualifications, performance, skills and experience. Regardless of personal characteristics and social status, the Company does not tolerate offensive or inappropriate behaviour, unfair treatment or retaliation of any kind. Harassment is impermissible in the workplace and in any work-related circumstance outside the workplace. These principles apply not only to employees of the company, but also to those who work with us.


Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.
This right includes freedom to change one’s religion and belief and freedom to manifest one’s religion or belief, individually or in community with others, in public or in private through worship, observance, practice and teaching.


We provide a safe and healthy workplace in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and internal health and safety requirements. We focus on maintaining a productive workplace, minimizing the risk of accidents, injuries and exposure to health hazards. We are committed to the interest of employees in the continuous improvement of health and safety in the workplace, taking care, among other things, to identify hazards and remediate health and safety issues as well as to develop plans in case of emergencies, to minimize the impact of such cases and consequent the periodic training of workers regarding their protection.


We are committed to maintaining a workplace free of violence, harassment, intimidation and other unsafe or disturbing conditions resulting from internal and external threats.
Security guarantees are provided for employees, as deemed necessary, while respecting the privacy and dignity of employees.


We prohibit the exploitation of any person in slavery or servitude , the use of all forms of forced, bonded or compulsory labor and participation in human trafficking.


We comply with all local laws regarding the minimum working age as stipulated by International Labor Organization (ILO) Convention 138. We prohibit the recruitment of persons under the age of 18 for positions that require hazardous work as stipulated by ILO Convention 182


Our employee compensation is competitive with the industry and the local labor market. Our operations fully comply with applicable wage and hour and benefits legislation.


All company employees without exception must comply with applicable environmental, health and safety laws, regulations and policies. The company must conduct its business activities in a manner that protects the environment, health and safety. For this reason, the employees and partners of EUROPAIKA PLEKTIRIA SA themselves must take personal responsibility for the environment, health and safety and take into account environmental issues, as well as occupational health and safety issues during the execution of their daily work. In the event that any employee or partner of EUROPAIKA PLEKTIRIA SA becomes aware of any real or potential environmental, health and safety issues affecting the company’s business activity, they must report it immediately.


We are committed to creating workplaces where open and honest communication between all employees is valued and respected. It is our policy to comply with all labor and employment laws wherever we operate.
In order to achieve the Work Policy and respect for Human Rights, the company’s Management and its executives declare:

  • If you believe there is a conflict between the policy and the laws, customs and practices of the place where you work, if you have questions about this policy, or would like to report a possible violation of it, you can direct those questions and concerns through existing procedures, which aim to maintain absolute confidentiality.
  • You can ask questions or report potential violations to Management or the Human Resources department. Alternatively, you may report any potential violations of this policy through employee representatives or you may report your concerns anonymously.
  • EUROPAIKA PLEKTIRIA SA is committed to investigating and addressing employee concerns, as well as taking corrective action in response to any violation

How to report an incident of corruption, harassment or violation of the law Policies and Procedures

You can report completely anonymous and completely confidential incidents concerning a violation of the Company’s Internal Policies and Procedures as well as the applicable legislation on issues related to criminal behavior, acts or omissions such as corruption , bribery, financial crimes, money laundering , as well as incidents concerning behaviors, acts or omissions that are against the Company’s Code of Ethics and are generally related to issues of violation of human rights, personal data, violence and harassment in the workplace, making use of the following reporting channels:

i ) E-mail:

ii ) Tel .: 23410 75601 (Monday to Friday 08:00 am to 04:00 pm)

iii ) By post to the address below: